• When is it time for brake service in Charlotte?


    Taking care of your car can seem a little overwhelming sometimes; being a vehicle owner has a lot of responsibilities! One in particular is ensuring that your vehicle gets all of the routine maintenance it requires to carry on a long and reliable life, as well as perform at peak levels. Oil changes, air filter changes, tire rotations are some essential examples… but when was the last time you thought to see out brake service in Charlotte?

    Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte offers affordable auto services! 

    We have a whole host of trained Toyota technicians working at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center; they’ll keep you posted as to when you’re due for specific types of service, including important brake service. However, you should also be able to decipher on your own whether or not it’s time to bring your vehicle into our Toyota Service Center. When should you schedule brake service? We’ve got answers!

    Warning signs that you need brake service 

    Is your call pulling to one side or the other when you decelerate using your brakes? If it feels like it is, then you might be having issues with your brakes’ performance. Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte can help you figure out what’s causing the abnormal behavior, whether it’s brakes or your tires. 

    Does it feel like your car is grinding when you brake, or do you hear grinding noises? This is usually indicative of worn brake pads, which means your brake rotors are in danger. Brake rotors are costly to replace, so don’t let them become damaged! Schedule your brake service right away if you feel this sensation!

    What sounds do you hear when you brake? You shouldn’t really hear anything, but you might if you’re experiencing issues with your brakes. Our Toyota Service Center noted that sounds like screeching are typically a sign that you’re due for brake service, so bring your car in right away! 

    Does it feel like your car is vibrating or pulsing oddly when you hit the brakes? This sensation is usually an indicator that your brake rotors are becoming warped, which can be extremely dangerous. Definitely don’t ignore this warning sign! 

    Are your brakes being as responsive as they usually are? If you feel like you have to press down harder or hold longer to get an appropriate reaction, then you definitely need to bring your car into our service center – this is indicative of a brake fluid leak or an air leak. Both of these situations can be very dangerous! 

    You definitely don’t want to mess around when it comes to your vehicle’s brakes – your safety depends on their top notch performance, so don’t ever put off service if you sense something out of the ordinary or feel like they’re not behaving as they should. 

    Bring your vehicle into our Charlotte Toyota Service Center today – we’re conveniently located in Huntersville, just off I-77 at exit 23! You can also give us a call at (888) 378-1214 to learn more and ask about our auto service specials to save big! 

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