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SPONSORED: Avoid an overfilled gas tank with these tips

Did you recently experience an overfilled gas tank? We know how you feel – gross, queasy, and worried. You’re going to smell the gasoline on your clothes and you might feel it on your bare skin – and it might’ve affected your N Charlotte Toyota. But do you know what to do when you have an overfilled gas tank? Toyota of N Charlotte is Making it Simple™ and going to answer all your questions. Let’s get into it.

What happens if you overfill your gas tank?

When your N Charlotte Toyota experiences an overfilled gas tank, you might think there’s not going be any damage to it – but think again. Here’s the breakdown.

  • If you have a saturated charcoal canister, you’ll experience problems when fueling your car and you might smell gas while driving, too.
  • You could undergo a purge valve failure, leading to poor fuel efficiency, emission issues, and rough idling.
  • If your N Charlotte Toyota has damaged solenoids, you’ll have a harder time starting it.
  • Not only will you have a harder time starting it, but you might have problems accelerating your N Charlotte Toyota.

So, what steps should you take when you’ve overfilled your gas tank? Our N Charlotte Toyota experts have all the answers.

What to do when you overfill your gas tank

If this is your first occurrence – don’t worry, you’ll most likely be just fine ( just be sure to properly fill your gas tank from now on). Our pro tip is to clean the mess on the ground and yourself because gasoline is flammable and also toxic. However,, if you’ve overfilled your gas tank multiple times…you’re going to be more exposed to severe issues with your N Charlotte Toyota. If you’re worried, have our N Charlotte Toyota experts take a look.

Avoid an overfilled gas tank with these tips

If you’re worried about an overfilled gas tank, don’t worry because our N Charlotte Toyota experts are giving you tips on how to avoid this situation. Let’s get into it.

  • Avoid topping off, and if you are someone who tops off…stop? Topping off can cause spillage, so you waste your money and contribute to pollution at the same time.
  • Listen to the clicking noise.When your gas tank is full, it has a mechanism that makes a clicking noise to let you know. Listen for it - this means staying close enough to the pump to catch it.
  • If you decide to ignore the click and keep topping off, then expect some expensive car maintenance repairs coming your way.

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