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Toyota Camry oil filter

You rely on your N Charlotte Toyota Camry to get you around safely, and your car relies on you to keep it in great shape. Regular Toyota Camry oil changes are crucial to the health of your vehicle’s engine, and it’s important to choose the right Toyota Camry oil filter and type for your specific vehicle. Today, our Toyota of N Charlotte auto care team is going to share a guide on all the oil change info you need to know!

Choosing the Right Toyota Camry Oil 

There will always be options when it comes to choosing a motor oil, and if conventional is your preference then go for it! Our recommendation for the Toyota Camry oil is synthetic 0W-20. We’d also encourage you to stick with Toyota brand oils because they have additives in the blend that will boost performance and longevity. If you need help or recommendations, you can always consult one of our N Charlotte auto care experts. 

Conventional vs Synthetic Oil

  • Conventional Motor Oil: This option has the lowest cost, and can definitely get the job done.
  • Synthetic Motor Oil: This option is favorable for the Toyota Camry due to its performance capabilities and longevity. It allows you to go a bit longer between oil change appointments. 

When You Need a Toyota Camry Oil Change

Conventional motor oil will require a change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but if you go with the 0W-20 synthetic oil you can go up to 10,000 miles before your next Toyota Camry oil change. Getting an oil change can feel like an inconvenience, but you absolutely do not want to skip them! Here’s what could happen if you miss a N Charlotte Toyota Camry oil change appointment:

  • Corrosion and sludge buildup in the engine caused by dirty motor oil
  • Expensive replacements and repairs
  • Heat damage caused by friction in the engine

If you’re worried about keeping up with this maintenance, give our Toyota of N Charlotte service team a call! We can get you on a schedule and send reminders about upcoming Toyota Camry oil change appointments, so that you don’t have to stress about it.

Changing Your Toyota Camry Oil Filter

We can’t talk about oil changes without reminding you to change your Toyota Camry oil filter! This is what keeps the engine clean, which then allows your car to run smoothly. When it comes to choosing a Toyota Camry oil filter, you of course have options. Our recommendation would be the XG4967 for a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine or an XG9972 for a V6 engine. Generally, it’s a good idea to stick with Toyota brand Toyota Camry oil filter options, just to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your specific vehicle. 

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