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SPONSORED: Should you choose SofTex or leather for your next N Charlotte Toyota?

SofTex seats in car

When it comes to your next N Charlotte Toyota, you’ve got a lot of options to consider, especially when it comes to the interior. One of the things that customers often have a hard time deciding on is the interior trim. Should they choose fabric, SofTex, or leather? Fabric is at a clear disadvantage with how easily it stains, but what exactly is the difference between SofTex and leather and which one is better? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain. 

Leather seats are trimmed in leather (obviously). SofTex, on the other hand, is a material you may not have heard of if you’ve never shopped new Toyotas before. Basically, SofTex is a synthetic leather that looks and feels just like leather, but… isn’t. 

SofTex vs leather: which is right for you? 

So which is better for your next N Charlotte Toyota? 

Here’s the basic breakdown between these two types of material on your next Toyota. 

  • SofTex is an economical option for drivers who want that plush feeling on the interior of their N Charlotte Toyota. Here are some quick points to consider: 
  • SofTex is more affordable than leather because it’s synthetic. 
  • It’s also greener than leather, and not only that, the process to make it is a lot greener. SofTex generates 85% less carbon dioxide emissions and 99% fewer volatile organic compounds. 
  • There’s no animal-based material in SofTex, which means it’s a lot greener than leather. 
  • SofTex is also more durable. It’s much more resistant to cracking and fading due to sun exposure than leather, which is a big deal if you’re living in a sunny, hot area or an area that sees hot summers. 

Leather, on the other hand, seems plusher and more luxurious. But does it stand up to SofTex in other areas? Here’s how the two compare: 

  • Leather requires more cleaning than SofTex to keep them in the best condition possible. Additionally, they need to be conditioned regularly to keep them supple, especially if you live in a hot or sunny area. 
  • Leather seats are also more susceptible to cracking, color stains, fading, rips, and tears than SofTex seats, and they’re not easy (or affordable) to repair. 
  • Leather also absorbs UV rays from the sun, which means it can get incredibly hot and burn the backs of your legs, etc. when you slide into the seat at the end of the day. SofTex does not absorb UV rays so you won’t have this issue if you go that route. 

Decide whether you should get leather or SofTex seats at Toyota of N Charlotte 

So which is better, leather or SofTex? You can see for yourself which of these materials you prefer for your next N Charlotte Toyota - stop by Toyota of N Charlotte today! We’re open seven days a week at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. You can also call with more questions at (704) 875-9199!