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When you’re in a rush and you hop in your car and your car battery dies at the most inconvenient times. Your car battery can die for a lot of reasons – like leaving your headlights on, the car alternator dying, a corroded battery, or maybe even a loose connection. Toyota of N Charlotte has provided a guide that has the top issues that kill your car battery the most – and maybe you can take notes and keep them in mind to prevent an inconvenient time. Take a look! 

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Dies

  1. The battery is old: To start off, if your battery is just simply old, then you’re more prone to have some major issues with your battery. Be sure to keep a folder that includes when you had your last battery replacement so you know when to get the power checked on this.
  2. Super Hot or Cold Outside: If it’s super hot or cold outside, then this can wreak havoc on your car battery. A newer battery won’t have as many problems with this, but if your car battery is older, then it could cause it to die pretty quickly. If you’re unsure if your battery will be okay, then bring your ride by Toyota of N Charlotte so our auto service technicians can take a look under the hood.
  3. Leaving your headlights on: If your Charlotte Toyota battery is dead, one of the first culprits to check is if you left your lights on overnight on accident. Some new cars turn the headlights off after a certain amount of time, but if you have an older car, then it likely won’t give you this prompt.
  4. Connections are Loose or Corroded: Your Charlotte Toyota car battery can loosen over time and the terminals can also become corroded. If these terminals are loose or corroded, then you’ll likely have a hard time starting your car because the battery can’t be charged properly. You can prevent this by having regular car maintenance at Toyota of N Charlotte.
  5. Battery Isn’t Charging While You Drive: As mentioned earlier, your car alternator can’t charge your battery if your car isn’t running or if your alternator is on the way to the dump. If your car alternator is the problem, then your car could shut down while driving on the street at any random time. So, be sure to have this checked out to avoid this.
  6. Taking Too Many Short Drives: Just cranking your engine uses an enormous amount of power from your battery. If you’re consistently going for short drives, then your alternator might not have enough time to properly charge it up, especially if you have an older battery under the hood. Also, this can shorten the lifespan of your battery, too.
  7. Parasitic Draw: Did you know that even when your car is off, it’s still providing power to things like your clock, radio, and alarm system? And, while you’re driving, your Charlotte Toyota car alternator is powering your car battery. But, when your engine is shut off, the alternator isn’t able to charge your ride and can cause battery strain caused by these electrical mishaps.

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