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SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte explains blind spots

Toyota safety tips

When you’re behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota, there are plenty of road hazards to look out for. However, one of the biggest hazards is actually right there inside of your car. We’re talking blind spots - they’re a pretty common cause of collisions. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain this road hazard, how to check your blind spot, and how to minimize them in your vehicle. 

First of all, let’s talk about what blind spots are and why they’re dangerous. Blind spots are areas around your N Charlotte Toyota that you can’t see using your mirrors or cameras. In order to clearly see these areas,  you have to physically turn your head and sometimes your body. They’re dangerous because they are literally an area of the road that you can’t see so if there’s a car in your blind spot and you try to change lanes or make a turn, you could hit them. They’re a pretty common cause of car accidents. And unfortunately, almost all cars - regardless of the make and model of the vehicle - have a blind spot. 

Blind spots can occur on vehicles for a number of reasons but the most common ones include pillars in the vehicle’s design, overloaded cargo, and headrests blocking the view out of the car. So what can you do about them to stay as safe as possible out on the road? 

Tips for dealing with blind spots 

  • Know how to check your blind spot. You should turn your head quickly and efficiently to make sure the spot is clear before immediately turning your attention back to the road in front of you. 
  • Adjust your mirrors properly. Your side mirrors should be aimed straight back and be tilted ever-so-slightly inward so you can see the side of your car in the edge of the mirror. Your rearview mirror should be aimed straight back so that you can see clearly out of the back of your N Charlotte Toyota. 
  • Use blind spot mirrors. Did you know that there are actually affordable mirrors you can buy and affix to your existing side mirrors to better see your blind spot? Ask the parts department at Toyota of N Charlotte which blind spot mirrors are best for your vehicle and they can help you find them. 
  • Use your blind spot monitoring system. Many of our new Toyotas actually have Blind Spot Monitor technology in them. It senses when a vehicle or other object is in your blind spot and will chime and also flash a light in your mirror to let you know that it’s not safe to change lanes or make a turn. 

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