• Why should you get regular oil changes in Charlotte?


    Keep up your N Charlotte Toyota with regular oil changes! 

    Are you a car owner? Regardless of whether you have a new Toyota or a used car in Charlotte, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance. Regular maintenance on your vehicle keeps it running at peak performance, and greatly extends its life! One of the most important elements in your maintenance routine should be oil changes – and luckily for you, the N Charlotte Toyota Service Center offers cheap oil changes in Charlotte to benefit both your car AND your wallet!

    Why is it so important to stay on top of oil changes in Charlotte?

    Our car service center has the answers. Essentially, oil is necessary for your car to run. When you run out or it gets especially dirty, your N Charlotte Toyota’s performance suffers and in turn, you may shorten its life or end up with a breakdown on your hands. That’s why it’s essential to bring your vehicle in for regular service, including oil changes. The oil in your car is a lubricant, so it helps everything from pistons to valves to run smoothly and on time when it comes to your engine. It keeps friction in the engine out of the equation.

    When your oil runs out or gets too dirty to do its job, the engine in your car pays the consequences. Friction can cause it to seize up and stop working altogether, which can lead to both time-consuming and extremely costly repairs. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your new Toyota near Charlotte is at the proper oil level, and that the oil itself is clean! You also need to have your oil filter changed accordingly, because even if the oil is clean, a dirty filter won’t get the job done. 

    How do you know when it’s time to change the oil? You can easily check this at home. All you have to do is park your N Charlotte Toyota on an even surface, pop the hood, and locate the dipstick in the engine, Pull it out and check the oil! Is it at the “filled” mark? Does the oil look dark or dirty? It should be a semi-clear and golden hue, so if it’s darker or you can see debris particles, it’s time to bring your car to the N Charlotte Toyota service center for a change. 

    Get a high-quality and cheap oil change in Charlotte!

    Not sure if you’re up for an oil change in Charlotte? No problem – our auto repair center can help. We can check the oil levels for you when you come in for service, and then schedule out your oil changes accordingly, even sending you helpful reminders when you’re due! Do what’s best for you and the life of your N Charlotte Toyota – stay on top of your routine maintenance, including regular oil changes!

    Our Charlotte auto repair center is located conveniently at our dealership, at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville. We can help you with all of your service and car repair needs, so give us a call for an appointment at (888) 378-1214 today. And don’t forget to ask about our money-saving car service specials in Charlotte!