• What motor oil should you use in your N Charlotte Toyota?


    When was the last time you had an oil change? When you brought your N Charlotte Toyota to the mechanic, did you check to see that they were using the right kind of oil… and do you even know what type of oil your car requires? There’s a lot to consider when you’re talking about your vehicle’s maintenance needs, and that’s why Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help. Our Toyota Service Center can provide you with all the information on what types of oil exist, and which one your vehicle needs! 

    Our Toyota Service Center explains motor oil viscosity

    First topic: oil viscosity. When you look at a bottle of motor oil, you’ve probably seen the numbers on it and wondered what they meant for example, 20W-50. We’ve got answers at our N Charlotte Toyota Service Center! These numbers indicate the viscosity of the oil, which is basically resistance to flow – it’s important because you want oil to flow through your new Toyota near Charlotte at the proper speed so the vehicle can function at maximum performance! In this case, the “20” indicates oil viscosity when the oil is cold, and the “50” indicates viscosity when the oil is hot. The higher the number, the more resistance (and slower flow). 

    What types of motor oil can you find at our N Charlotte Toyota Service Center

    However, those aren’t the only choices you’ll have to figure out – our Toyota Service Center has even more information for you! Motor oils also come in specific blends, which are engineered for different types of vehicles. Here’s a breakdown: 

    • Conventional motor oil is pretty standard for new vehicles and it’s what you’ll easily find at our N Charlotte Toyota Service Center. It has benefits, like a cheaper price tag, but you’ll also find it has a shorter lifespan than other blends and it also doesn’t hold up as well in cold weather, which is something to consider when you live in NC. 
    • Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, has higher performance perk than conventional. It lasts almost three times longer, has a better flow in any temperature, leaves hardly any deposits behind, and helps your new Toyota’s engine run more efficiently. The only drawback is that it’s more expensive than conventional oil (so check out our auto service specials!). 
    • Synthetic blend motor oil is a blend of synthetic and conventional motor oils to give you the best of both worlds. It will up the performance capabilities of a conventional motor oil, but still give you a more affordable price tag than a synthetic oil. 
    • High mileage motor oil is designated for vehicles that are on the older side and have quite a few miles on the odometer. It has a special formula that helps to prevent leaks, which are often common in older cars. It also helps enhance performance due to its higher viscosity. 

    Not sure which motor oil your car needs? No worries – you can generally find the answer in your owner’s manual, and Toyota of N Charlotte is happy to help! Just give our Toyota Service Center a ring today at (888) 378-1214… and don’t forget to ask about our auto service specials!