Black-owned business spotlight: Move Pack Clean

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Linda Hill made a promise to herself while facing unemployment nearly a decade ago. Now, the owner of Move Pack Clean says she’s been blessed with business ever since.

Hill became a first-time business owner in 2010 after seeing a growing need for labor and organizational services in the Charlotte metro area.

Before opening her doors, Hill struggled for months to find a job in her new home town of Charlotte, despite being an Army veteran and having experience teaching.

The experience made her worry about other veterans who may be fighting for employment, so she made an early promise to God to put people to work at livable wages, have integrity and treat people fairly.

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Months later, once her moving, packing and cleaning business was off the ground, Hill was able to hire veterans like herself.

She credits the promises she made to herself and God with building a successful business.

“Because I was unemployed for a few months, I realized how important the dollar was,” Hill said.

“So, when someone does business with us, we’re not working slow, we’re not milking the clock. We’re valuing their dollar.”

As for being a black business owner in Charlotte, Hill says she’s just working to bridge a gap.

“Being a black business owner in the community helps other people see that we feel the same way, we have the same goals for our family, we are just as professional, and ultimately, we are more alike than we are different,” she said.

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