• Action 9: New security company fails to pay cancellation penalty as promised

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    MONROE, N.C. - Agnes Kearney and her husband had gone on vacation when they came home and saw someone had broken in. 

    "We always felt that we could just go and come back and everything would be OK, so it was heart-breaking," Kearney said.

    The couple bought a home security system the next day from ADT. But eventually they found a less expensive deal and switched to Vector Security.

    They knew ADT would charge them a cancellation penalty of $578, but they said Vector agreed to pay it for them.

    "Vector said it would take care of it?" Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke asked.

    "Take care of it, yes. They told us when we had the system put in that they would take care of it," Kearney said.

    A few months passed and the Kearneys found out Vector hadn't paid when a collection agency came after them for the money.

    "(It) feels like it's a scam," said Clarence Kearney.

    That's when the Kearneys called Action 9.

    "I feel just like I'm being taken advantage of, that's the way I feel," Clarence Kearney said.

    Stoogenke spoke with Vector's Art Miller. He said he'd look into the situation.

    One day later, Miller emailed Stoogenke that Vector's local vendor did reach out to the Kearneys and asked for a copy of their final invoice, and the company hadn't received that but Vector went ahead and sent out a check for the full amount that day.

    "Did you think it would all work out?" Stoogenke asked the Kearneys.

    "I knew you could do it.  Yes," said Agnes Kearney.

    The Kearneys said they've been very pleased with Vector otherwise, especially with that $578 check in their hands.

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    Action 9: New security company fails to pay cancellation penalty as promised