• Action 9: Woman says aggressive salesman sold her $600 worth of meat

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte woman bought hundreds of dollars' worth of meat from door-to-door salesmen.

    She said she did it because she felt pressured and was scared.

    At 83 years old, Marion Elliott is witty and quick on her toes.

    However, when, she said two salesmen from Superior Meats, also known as Restaurants To Residential, showed up at her home, she felt vulnerable.

    "My great-grandson gave me great advice: 'Don't open the door, Nana,'" Elliott said.

    She did and told them no, she said then, "When I came in the house and he came in behind me and my great-grandson also said, 'Nana, you should have locked the door.'"

    Instead, she bought the meat and gave them $605.

    She and her family members said they called the business four times to take the food back, but no one came.

    Action 9 looked up possible addresses for the business and checked them out, which was a house, where Action 9 saw a Superior Meats truck and two men in the driveway.

    Action 9 asked them if they would refund Elliott's money and take her meat back.

    One said he didn't know Elliott and didn't sell to her and that whoever upset her wasn't him.

    He told Action 9 to speak with the owner, Julius Wojcik.

    Wojcik's team started Superior Meats in 2001and dissolved it at some point.

    Then, he opened Restaurants to Residential in 2008.

    It looks like he's in good standing with the Secretary of State and Department of Revenue.

    It may sound surprising, but no agency -- state or county -- requires him to have any licenses, permits or even meat inspections.

    Action 9 found Wojcik in Lincoln County.

    He said the salespeople don't work for him, that they're independent contractors, so he can't speak for how they may or may not have acted.

    He also said he does have the power to make things right.

    "She has all the documentation. She's been credited," he said.

    Elliott's family said the credit went through and a salesman picked up the meat. From now on, Elliott is taking her great-grandson's advice to not open the door.

    For more information from the USDA on door-to-door meat sales, click here.

    If you've been ripped off, overbilled or misled; or if you see something that is hurting all consumers, contact Action 9.

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