• Backed by plenty of support, once-conjoined twins are back in Mooresville home

    By: Brittney Johnson


    MOORESVILLE, N.C. - A set of twins, once conjoined at the head and given a slim chance of survival, are now home in Mooresville. 

    Abby and Erin Delaney spent more than a year in the hospital before returning to North Carolina in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

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    "It's surreal," mother Heather Delaney said.

    "I mean, when I look at them, it's just, it was a losing battle. We shouldn't be sitting here with them," father Riley Delaney said.

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    The family spent 485 days in a Philadelphia hospital while doctors planned then performed the rare 11-hour procedure to separate them.

    "We weren't able to really hold them very much when they were attached," Heather Delaney said. "So many things we were unsure of, and to now finally get to this point and see to happy healthy little girls that have a good prognosis that they're going to probably live normal healthy happy life, is amazing."

    Heather Delaney documented their pain and progress on her Delaney twins blog and Facebook page.

    Thousands of people followed along. Some sent diapers and even superhero capes to the family.

    "This support helped push me through some of the darker times at the hospital," Heather Delaney said.

    While their hospital stay is over, the family is still consumed with the girls' health issues. 

    They showed us the line of Post-its they use to keep track of the twins’ medications.

    The twins are also preparing for several major surgeries. On top of that, Riley and Heather are staying with family, but working to get a home of their own. 

    "We just want to give our daughters what they need,” Riley Delaney said.

    As for the girls' future, they don't have any set expectations, other than to make the best of their time and celebrate their progress. 

    "I'm OK as long, as they're happy carefree little girls," Heather Delaney said.

    "It's pretty good right now, they're pretty happy," Riley Delaney said. 

    The Delaney twins will go back to Pennsylvania for their first reconstructive surgery in February. 

    Their parents said the girls are developing and making great progress at home.

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