'It's sad': Beloved street preacher brutally attacked inside apartment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you drive past North Sharon Amity and Milton Road, you're probably used to seeing a familiar face.

Some call him Moses, others call him Black Jesus, but everyone Channel 9 talked to said they were shocked to learn he had recently been attacked inside his home.

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Karl Sims is a barber in the area, and he said he's known Paul Ervin, who goes by Moses, for at least five years.

"We call him the walking preacher. Preaching and trying to teach people right, preaching the gospel," Sims said.

Neighbors have grown to love the friendly wave they get from Ervin as they drive by the intersection.

"Never bother nobody, never! Wave at everybody who come by, ride by there, he'd wave at them," Sims said.

According to police, someone stabbed Ervin inside his apartment.

Close friends told Channel 9 the attacker slashed Ervin's face multiple times and stabbed him in the shoulder, rib cage and lungs.

"Who would do something like that? That don't make sense, he wouldn't hurt a fly," Sims said.

Ervin survived the brutal attack and is recovering in an intensive care unit.

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"I'm just shocked to find out what happened. It's sad, very sad," Sims said.

Community members are now turning their sadness into action by donating gift cards and writing words of encouragement.

Many said they are sure their neighborhood friend will come back stronger than ever.

"He'll be back up there, I'm sure," Sims said. "This will probably make him preach harder now."

If you would like to help Ervin, his friends are accepting gift cards at 7804 Fairview Road P.O Box #370.

Police said no arrests have been made.

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