4 candidates for governor share reasons for running, biggest issue facing state

CHARLOTTE — After eight years in office, Governor Roy Cooper is out, but who’s in?

Five Democrats and three Republicans are vying to represent their party in November’s election.

This year’s race includes big-name candidates, including Bill Graham, Dale Folwell, Mike Morgan, and Josh Stein.

Over the past few months, those four sat down with Joe Bruno to share their reason for running and their plans if elected.

“I’ve been doing these big fights as attorney general delivering for the people of this state,” Stein said, “And that’s what I want to do as governor is, is to fight so that they can thrive that they have strong schools, great economic opportunities, good health care system, safe communities.”

“I looked at the candidates that were in and I think that I can bring a conservative future to the state. And I think I have a plan to reduce taxes, put more money in families’ pockets, reduce crime,” Graham said.

“No one calls the treasurer’s office or calls the governor’s office or state government to book a cruise,” Folwell said, “They call us because they’ve either had a life-changing event, or they have a problem. And so the Folwell administration is going to be focused on answering the telephones.”

“I still know that I’ve got so much more to give North Carolina I love this state, to whom much is given, much is required,” Morgan said, “as someone who has won statewide elections in the past, how can I best serve North Carolina? And how can I best in 2024 Go about shaping what needs to happen in North Carolina out of these elections? "

Republican candidate and current Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, denied our interview request.

Learn about the other candidates here.

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