4 in custody, including a minor, after shooting in Stanly County, police say

NORWOOD, N.C. — Four people, including at least one minor, were taken into custody after a shooting Thursday afternoon in Norwood, police said.

At about 3:30 p.m., Norwood police were called to the 300 block of North Kendall Street after reports of a shooting.

The suspects and the shooting victim, all from Albemarle, had already run away by the time police got to the location.

“The alleged victim in the case has been transported for medical treatment,” police said.

The Norwood Police Department had communications send out a reverse 911 call to urge residents to stay indoors.

The threat was cleared, and residents were notified the scene was secure.

‘All of them need to go to jail’

Vickie Harris and her husband have lived on the street for 25 years and have never had any trouble before.

But then trouble drove up.

“This car pulled up, so I had never seen this car before, so I’m just watching and then one of the guys got out and he had his back turned. But I could see his gun,” Vickie Harris told Channel 9.

A few minutes later bullets started flying and everybody scattered.

“It was several people out here, so we just got up and started running,” she said. “Everybody thought I was hit, but I wasn’t.”

Her husband, Mark Harris, was outside when shots rang out.

“To tell you the truth, I thought my wife was shot,” he said. “I thought she was shot. It’s just crazy.”

Mark Harris said he took cover.

“I ducked down in front of my car, in front of the car,” he said. “That’s where I was at. In front of the car. It had bullet holes in the car. I could have got shot, myself. It’s just crazy.”

The Harrises are thankful police acted quickly and now, they want the system to do its part.

“All of them need to go to jail,” the husband said. “I don’t care who’s involved. All of them need to go to jail. Even the one who got shot. I don’t give a damn.”

Names of suspects and the victim were not released as the investigation is ongoing.

The Stanly County Sheriff’s Office, state highway patrol ground and air units, state Forestry Service Law Enforcement Division, Norwood Center Rural Fire Department, Stanly County EMS, and 911 communications assisted with the incident.

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