Firefighters tell Action 9 Kia Soul caught fire without being in crash

Car fire in southeast Charlotte started in engine; Action 9 investigates safety concerns

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Fire investigators said a Kia Soul that caught fire on Independence Boulevard last week was not in a crash and that the fire started in the engine.

Action 9's Jason Stoogenke has been investigating complaints for more than a year that Hyundais and Kias were catching fire without being in wrecks.

[Action 9: Some claim Hyundais and Kias catch fire without being in crash]

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In February, the companies recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles. In March, the federal safety agency, NHTSA, launched its own investigation.

Last month, the companies agreed to a $760 million settlement involving the issue.

But Stoogenke noticed Kia Souls aren't included in the settlement, even though he found almost 60 complaints involving them.

Souls were one of the models Kia recalled, and Souls are one of the five models NHTSA's investigating.

As soon as he found out the car on fire on Independence was a Soul, Stoogenke started asking if it was another non-crash fire. Charlotte fire investigators told him it was "unintentional" and started in the "engine area."

Stoogenke is bringing the latest case to Kia's attention.