Activists hold rallies to encourage low-wage workers to vote

CHARLOTTE — Faith leaders and activists rallied in Charlotte and Hickory on Saturday to encourage low-wage workers to vote.

North Carolina’s early voting period started on Thursday. Minister and activist Bishop Bill Barber launched a tour with the groups ‘Repairers of the Breach” and the N.C. Poor’s People Campaign.

“We’re tired of our nation ignoring the poor, we’re tired of ignoring the needs that have gone unmet,” Rodney Sadler said. “We’re tired of focusing on a worn? economy that leaves out those who are poor, those who are marginalized. it’s time for us to make a change.”

the tour will now stop in Asheville Sunday before leaders host a National Day of Action on Tuesday, which will include a news conference on the steps of the North Carolina Assembly in Raleigh.

North Carolina’s primary is set for March 5, Super Tuesday.

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