Boil water advisory lifted after massive water main break in southwest Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Water has lifted its boil water advisory nearly two days after a massive water main break in southwest Charlotte.

That’s good news for many people who were holding off on using water at their homes or businesses because of the advisory.

Charlotte Water said the break happened Monday along Remount Road, near Revolution Park.

“She was like, ‘Mom, the water’s just spouting up out of the lake, by the park, where the bridge is. It’s just spewing up,’” said south Charlotte resident Stacey Sparks.

Repair crews went to work immediately on the 36-inch main and were able to get the leak under control quickly, but officials issued an advisory several hours later, warning people that the water in their homes or businesses might not be safe to drink unless they boiled it first.

Channel 9 was told the advisory was issued out of an abundance of caution.

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Charlotte Water said it tested samples from 260 fire hydrants and 104 other locations, and that the samples met all required water quality standards and bacterial testing was negative. Officials said they are now comfortable ending the advisory and getting things back to normal.

“The health and safety of our customers is always our top priority,” said Angela Charles, director of Charlotte Water. “This was a significant break that required coordination to isolate the break, a thorough assessment of the damage, and analysis of the impacts and appropriate next steps. We now have test results confirming that our water system worked as designed.”

Several businesses said they either had to close down Tuesday or make adjustments, but are glad to hear the water is safe.

“I went to serve on plastic to try to help with the plates, and we went and got water and boiled the water,” said Ryan Register, the owner of McKoy’s Smokehouse. “I’m glad it’s back, and I’m glad it didn’t happen on a weekend. Trying to find a positive, like I said yesterday. Trying to find a positive in everything.”

Charlotte Water said it’s still trying to find what caused the water line to break.

“I wanted to thank the public for their patience and understanding as Charlotte Water has worked through this historic event,” said Charles. “We understand this was a challenging time for our customers, and we appreciate your support and trust in our system and team. Charlotte Water is reviewing this incident for improvement opportunities, including customer communications.”

Officials said some people may have discolored water in their lines. They are advised to let the water run for 10 to 15 minutes, and if it’s still cloudy, to call 311.

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