Candidates attend annual reception with voters in hopes of increasing engagement in March primaries

CHARLOTTE — North Carolina’s Eighth Congressional District was one of many races highlighted at a one-of-a-kind forum last week.

The Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual public policy candidates’ receptions.

The event brought together several candidates who will appear on the Mecklenburg County ballot.

Public Policy Committee Chair, Bryan Holladay, says since the primary always approaches so quickly, there are fewer events nowadays that connect candidates with engaged voters.

He expects an all-out blitz between now and the primaries on March 5.

“We are just now getting into I’m paying attention season, so pretty much now that it is after the Super Bowl, people are going, oh, there is an election, and we are going to start seeing things ramp up and kick in,” Holladay said.

Each candidate was given a chance to introduce themselves to the crowd, and the Mecklenburg County Commissioner candidates recorded profiles for the Charlotte Ledger newsletter.

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