Carolina Strong: Kings Mountain woman spends every day helping those in need

Kings Mountain resident Teresa Wingo spends seven days a week helping those in need.

“Every day of my life, I come out, and I load up my vehicle every evening just to come out and look for people that might need assistance for the day just for the moment, whatever they need, right, then it’s very basic things,” Wingo explained.

Wingo told Channel 9 that she receives donations from individuals, churches, and various sports around town.

She said it’s something her parents did, and she feels called to continue.

“Sometimes it’s heavy for people. But I thank God it’s not, that’s not heavy for me,” Wingo expressed.

>> Those experiencing homelessness express their gratitude for Wingo, in the video at the top of the page.

Every day, there are people across the Carolinas doing extraordinary things. They’re giving back, they’re helping each other, and they’re making a real difference. We’re highlighting the best in our community in our series, Carolina Strong.

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