The Carolinas Get Real: Faces of Pride

CHARLOTTE — The buildup of the LGBTQ+ community in Charlotte is rich with stories of advocacy, perseverance, and love.

Channel 9 reporters spoke with members of the community to share their experiences as part of The Carolinas Get Real: Faces of Pride.

>See the full show in the video above.

See all of the stories below:

Faces of Pride: The Evolution, by Evan Donovan

Faces of Pride: The Gayborhood, by Madison Carter

Faces of Pride: The Believers, by Jonathan Lowe

Faces of Pride: The Doctors, by Dan Matics

Faces of Pride: Charlotte Black Pride Founders, by Erica Bryant

Faces of Pride: A Mother’s Letter, by Hunter Sáenz

Faces of Pride: The House Mom, by Genevieve Curtis

Faces of Pride: Love Stories, by Joe Bruno

Faces of Pride: Inviting In, by Erika Jackson

Faces of Pride: Drag Queen, by Hunter Sáenz

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