Casey Parsons transferred out of federal prison to begin serving state murder sentence

CHARLOTTE — Casey Parsons has been transferred out of a Florida federal prison after serving 8 years on fraud charges.

Casey and her husband, Sandy, were first convicted in 2015 for accepting federal benefits after their adopted daughter Erica disappeared.

Federal inmate records show Casey was released from FCI Tallahassee on Nov. 24.

Casey pleaded guilty to murder in 2019 and is now in a state prison to serve the rest of her life behind bars. She has been moved to the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh.

A new mugshot of Casey Parsons after she was moved to North Carolina to begin serving a sentence for murder.

Prison records show Sandy Parsons is incarcerated in Alexander County.

The disappearance and murder of Erica Parsons captured the nation’s attention.

Casey became the center of a yearslong investigation after Erica was reported missing by her adoptive brother in 2013. She was last seen in 2011. Casey and her husband, Sandy, adopted Erica as an infant from a relative. They also have five biological children.

Casey and Sandy Parsons told investigators Erica had gone to Asheville to visit her grandmother, Nan, but authorities later said that Nan did not exist.

The pair was arrested in 2014 for accepting federal benefits for Erica after she disappeared.

Erica’s body wasn’t found until 2016 when Sandy led investigators to a wooded area in Chesterfield County. Both Casey and Sandy were charged with her murder.

Investigators said Erica endured years of physical and emotional abuse while in the custody of her adoptive parents.

Before Casey was sentenced to life in prison, she addressed the court. A question she couldn’t answer was why she abused Erica.

“I can’t tell you why. I don’t know why I did the stuff I did and I’m so sorry,” she said.

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