Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District monitoring weather conditions closely

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District said it’s monitoring the impending winter storm closely and coordinating with local and state emergency management.

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Officials use information from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Charlotte Department of Transportation and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to make a call about classes.

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The board chair told Channel 9 a big concern is always how neighborhood roads will fare.

While CMS officials say it's too soon to make any decisions on school closures, Brendan McNeiry said his two daughters are already hoping for a snow day.

"I would say pretty excited. They're jumping up and down in there,” McNeiry said.

McNeiry says his one and only concern is buses on the road.

“If they go to school, I probably prefer to drive them than the bus take them,” McNeiry said.

School closures also mean makeup days down the road.

Channel 9 asked CMS if they would consider online classes like in Anderson County, South Carolina instead of making students and teachers make up the days later on.

“Most kids now have their Chromebooks or home computers. They can easily do that,” McNeiry said.

CMS officials said it’s a matter of equal internet access. They want to ensure all students have the option, and right now, that’s not a guarantee.

"I think that would be a really cool option, give some options during the day to keep them occupied,” McNeiry said.

Watch the video at the top of this page as Channel 9’s education reporter Elsa Gillis breaks down how very different conditions across the county could impact all CMS students and staff.

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