Charlotte woman who captured the hearts of millions diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte couple captured the hearts of millions across the country using love and music to conquer the biggest battle of their lives.

Two years later, that battle is far from over after Roslyn Singleton, a Navy veteran, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.


Since 2020, Ray and Roslyn Singleton have been chronicling their journey through love and laughter and, for Roslyn, through brain cancer. Last week, her husband shared a video detailing why their battle with cancer is far from over.

“You hear stage four cancer, but you don’t really hear it,” Ray said in a video posted on social media.

A recent diagnosis revealed a new cancerous tumor on Roslyn’s brain stem.

“And to see how quickly it turned, she drove herself to her last MRI, it was last Tuesday,” Ray said. “And today, she’s no longer in a position to do that. She’s too weak.”

But Ray said the village they have gained sharing their story is returning the favor and sharing strength, whether it’s Roslyn’s health care team or anonymous donors sending money for her care.

“Y’all have allowed me to do nothing but to take care of her. Y’all have made it a lot easier. That was what I was going to do it anyway, whether we go broke doing it or not. One hundred percent of my focus is making sure that girl is healed,” Ray said in a video.

It’s the same woman who survived brain surgery four other times, each time crediting her recovery to her faith.

Find their fundraising page here, and more than anything, the couple has asked for continued prayers.

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