‘It was a test’: Couple who beat cancer twice ready to turn the page

A Charlotte woman beat cancer for a second time and throughout her journey, she was not alone.

Roslyn and Ray Singleton were seen in a viral video in January where her husband, a Navy veteran, serenaded her.

In the video at the top of this webpage, reporter DaShawn Brown speaks with the Singletons about their experience and what lies ahead.

“Done by December was basically my affirmation to God like we are done with this in December,” Roslyn Singleton said.

The couple put their faith in believing Roslyn Singleton would be healed by December.

“And I just decided to stop acknowledging what was going on, because I felt like it was giving it power,” she said. “So I chose to not call it what it was. I would call it a situation and done by December. (It) was done by December.”

“I feel like it was a test to me to see if you’re hanging with God,” Roslyn Singleton said.