Full body cam video released in deadly police shooting outside Charlotte Burger King

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On Wednesday, Channel 9 received nine additional minutes of body camera video showing the moments after an officer shot and killed a man in north Charlotte last month.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Wende Kerl shot and killed Danquirs Franklin in the parking lot of the Burger King on Beatties Ford Road.

The full video was released at 5 p.m.

>>You can watch the full video below. Channel 9 has blurred portions of the video and dropped sections of the audio due to the content’s graphic nature.

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In the moments after the shooting, the video shows Kerl and the officer she was with approaching Franklin as he lay on the pavement.

She spoke with other officers there and said several times that she had shot Franklin and had no choice.

“I shot him, I shot him. He pulled a gun, he wouldn’t drop it.” Kerl said. "We didn't know. I thought it was in his hand, and I shot him."

Kerl went back to her patrol car, and her voice started to crack as she asked other officers if Franklin was going to make it.

“Is he alive? Is he alive?” she asked.

One of the things we did not see in the video was officers trying to help Franklin after the shooting. It was about four minutes before the first firefighter showed up to do first aid.

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Police already released two minutes of the video publicly, but City Council inadvertently saw all 11 minutes.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerr Putney spoke with Channel 9 ahead of the full video’s release.

The body camera video initially released shows the moments leading up to the shooting and just a few moments after the shooting.

The video released Wednesday afternoon shows the six minutes or so after the shots were fired.

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After the release, community leaders called for immediate action from CMPD and policy change.

"When officers come into any incident, they are the ones who are supposed to be in control," Minister Corine Mack said. "So, the commands should've been, in order to safeguard everyone involved, hands up, stand up, and back away."

They said they are asking for an independent review of the police shooting and others like and a stronger citizens review board.

"We asked it in 2015, in 2016, now here we are in 2019 asking for the same thing," attorney Andrew Fede said.

"After seeing this video footage, it didn't matter what he did, he was not going to come out of this situation alive," Kass Otley said.

Shortly after the release of the full body camera video, Officer Wende Kerl's attorney sent a statement to Channel 9 on her behalf.

It reads, "What has never been mentioned is that there was an innocent civilian talking to Mr. Franklin no more than a few feet away when, after being told more than 20 times to either 'show us your hands' or 'drop the gun' he pulls the gun out in the direction of the civilian.

Wednesday morning, Putney said all officers are trained in basic emergency medical response and are expected to perform what treatment they can until paramedics arrive.

He suggested that what he saw on the video was not what he wanted to see.

“What cannot be more disheartening is watching the video, and we see a lot of them, and it appears that but for training we could have rendered more aid. And I can tell you this specific video of Mr. Franklin is a good example,” Putney said.

The release of the full video comes after activists questioned the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's commitment to transparency.

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Putney said the department won't make the same mistake again.

He said from now on, they are going to ask judges to release all of the video of officer-involved shootings at once.

“We have to have more trust. We have to be better. We have to continue to improve,” Putney said.

The chief said there were two officers at the scene, but there is only one body camera video of the shooting.

That also is a problem, but he said he could not talk about it further because there is an internal investigation into why the other officer did not activate his camera.

A candlelight vigil to honor Franklin is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday at Marshall Park in uptown Charlotte.

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