Corporate found mold in ice machine, among other health violations, at 2 Charlotte Dunkin' Donuts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins corporate office is taking legal action against the company managing two locations in Charlotte.

[Dunkin' Donuts Charlotte lawsuit]

[Link: Find ratings from North Carolina Health Inspections] 

A 30-page lawsuit accuses Yugdharini LLC of breaching their contract for health violations more than once.

The lawsuit said corporate inspected the restaurants and found mold in the ice machine, food prep equipment not properly cleaned, food not properly stored or labeled and improper employee hygiene.

Managers at both locations didn’t comment or denied the claims.

The Albemarle location scored a 94 rating, but a couple eating there told Channel 9 they look for a 95 or better.

"They should step up their game to satisfy both corporate as a representative of that company, as well as, for them and the customer,” customer Lynn Freer said.

The Dunkin’ Donuts on North Tryon scored a 97 rating.

Both restaurants are inspected twice a year by the state.

The corporation inspected them three times in the last year, according to the lawsuit.

Inspectors said when and how often a business is inspected is critical because something as simple as a shift change can make a difference.

"What we see is different from what somebody else sees. Every day is different,” said Lynn Lathan, supervisor at the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

An attorney representing Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins said it will be a lengthy case, but they are pushing for an injunction to make changes at those two Charlotte locations as soon as possible.

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