Couple files lawsuit against TruGreen after receiving racist texts from employee, attorney says

LANCASTER, S.C. — A local couple is suing TruGreen after they say a salesman went on a racist tirade when they refused service.

Channel 9′s Glenn Counts spoke with the couple’s attorney who said the incident began with the company trying to solicit their business.

“It shocked my conscious. And to be transparent, it upset me to my core,” attorney William Harding said.

Harding, who represents the homeowners, said when they turned down TruGreen’s offer, an employee responded with a torrent of hatred.

“He kept texting him and making, as you can see from the lawsuit, making references of slavery. We filed this lawsuit because it’s about shining a light on racism. It’s about accountability,” Harding explained

Harding said one of the many messages sent by the employee read:

“I see why y’all got whipped and chained and beat and strung up on trees. Now I used to think it was...up, but you just showed me my grandma was right. You all don’t deserve the air you breathe.”

Channel 9 has reached out to TruGreen for comment about this incident. The company responded with the following statement.

“We are aware of the lawsuit and want to be clear that our company condemns such appalling actions. And will not tolerate behavior of this kind.”

The company also said they conducted an investigation and “based on the outcome of that investigation, promptly terminated the employee.”

Harding said he will be conducting his own investigation into whether or not this was a pattern of behavior for the employee in question.

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