Delivery company manager charged with theft pleads guilty

CHARLOTTE — The former manager of a LaserShip warehouse in Charlotte who was charged with stealing packages has pleaded guilty, Channel 9 learned.

Police say Jarvas Foster stole 11 pairs of Nike shoes while he was employed by LaserShip. He was charged with felony larceny by an employee.

Prosecutors told Stoogenke that Foster has agreed to plead guilty to a lesser crime of misdemeanor larceny. The former manager will have to pay restitution, but it is not clear yet how much and who will get the money.


Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has been looking into complaints against the delivery company since September 2021. Almost 60 customers have complained to Channel 9 about LaserShip. Most of the customers say they never received their packages. Many tracked their orders to the LaserShip Charlotte warehouse, but the packages never got to their home. Stoogenke discovered that many of the items that allegedly disappeared were Nike shoes.

Action 9 will continue to follow the case and will provide updates as details of the plea agreement become public.

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