McCready calls judge's decision not to certify Harris a 'win for democracy'

A day after a judge denied Republican Mark Harris certification to win the North Carolina District 9 congressional race, Channel 9 spoke with his challenger, Dan McCready.

[SPECIAL SECTION: District 9 Investigation]

McCready told anchor Allison Latos the judge’s ruling was a “win for democracy” and said he has hired back seven staffers to work on his campaign.

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He said they’re preparing should the North Carolina State Board of Elections decide there will be a new election.

Investigators are looking into absentee ballot irregularities in Bladen County and allegations of election fraud.

The investigation centers around McCrae Dowless, who is accused of paying people to illegally collect ballots.

Dowless worked for the Harris campaign.

While we wait for a board of elections evidentiary hearing and the outcome, McCready says he’s been contacted by congressional leaders and presidential hopefuls who are paying close attention to the 9th District.

“If we do have a new election, I think people across the country will be watching, because this comes back to our most basic freedoms as Americans,” McCready said.

Harris contends he did not know of any alleged illegal activity.

Harris’s campaign issued a statement saying, “No evidence has been supplied that suggests the outcome of the race is in question” and “we will continue to cooperate with the investigation and hope for a speedy resolution.”

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