District faces 516 teacher vacancies as 1st day of school approaches

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has hundreds of job openings, and the first day of class is Monday.

The district has 516 teacher vacancies, which is more than this time last year.

One board member said Tuesday night 200 teachers are in the pipeline.

CMS Chief Human Resources Chief Kecia Coln said teachers may have to rely on remote learning.

“It could be that we have them, using technology, to teach two groups of students, while also hiring a support staff person, so that they’re able to float between the two classes,” Coln said.

The district also needs 34 bus drivers and 156 cafeteria staff.

CMS Superintendent Crystal Hill said the district needs to update how it hires new workers.

“We are in a much different time now than we were in 2018, and so we cannot continue to rely on old methods for new problems,” Hill said. “So, we are committed to ensuring that all students have an equitable experience and a great experience in our classrooms.”

Hill said all principals submitted plans for ensuring that equitable experience.

The district also said it is offering sign-on bonuses and incentive pay.

Parent’s Bill of Rights

CMS leaders plan to meet with principals Thursday who will meet with teachers Friday to put into action new protocols aligned with the “Parent’s Bill of Rights.”

Hill said they’re working on getting all the information parents need to know in a one-stop shop on CMS’ website

“It will be very clear in terms of what things we’re doing,” Hill said. “How you would opt out. How you would review materials. How you can challenge materials.”

Express stops

Express stops will launch, which is a plan to eliminate door-to-door bus service for magnet school students.

The district is asking families who are concerned about that change to reach out to CMS transportation.

The list of stops will still be modified and added to after school starts, officials said.

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