Doctor says new blood test can detect some mental health conditions

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A doctor at Indiana State University has developed a blood test that detects conditions like depression and bipolar disorder.

Dr. Alexander Niculescu said mental health conditions can take a long time to be diagnosed by a psychologist -- even years -- delaying the treatment process.

He told Channel 9 that some of these conditions can now be identified by looking at blood markers.

“When you have a lipid biopsy, you see a molecular profile to help the doctors make a diagnosis and match to the right treatment right off the bat, not five or 10 years of trial and error,” Niculescu said.

Niculescu said he can also test for pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mood disorders, and even risk of suicide.

You can ask your doctor for this specific blood test and they can order it, but it is currently not covered by insurance or Medicare.

You can learn more about the test, its cost, and how it’s used here.

As Channel 9 focuses on mental health this week, we will be looking at how to identify concerns and deal with them. We’ve developed a guide so you can find the proper resources in your county.

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