Election turnout lags in Charlotte’s rare summertime vote

CHARLOTTE — If you voted in Tuesday’s general election in Charlotte, you’re in the minority.

Only 12% of registered voters -- 72,497 people -- cast a ballot in an election that decided the city’s next mayor and city council representatives.

For context, when Charlotte FC hosted its debut MLS match at Bank of America Stadium in March, 74,479 fans were in attendance.

That means nearly 2,000 more people descended on uptown for a soccer match than voted in this election cycle.

Tuesday’s voting was a rare summertime Election Day in Charlotte. The original election was rescheduled because of a delay in the 2020 U.S. Census results.

Democrats scored victories in the lion’s share of Tuesday’s results. Mayor Vi Lyles was reelected to serve a third term, all four open city council at-large positions went blue and five of the seven district representatives will be Democrats.

Find full Charlotte election results on Channel 9′s Vote 2022 page.

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