• Elk gets tangled in hammock hanging in tree at NC home


    HAYWOOD COUNTY, N.C. - A large bull elk got tangled in a hammock hanging in a tree at a Haywood County home Thanksgiving morning, WLOS reported.

    Homeowner Jim Beaver said there is a hammock hanging in their apple tree and when he woke up, he found the elk.

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    Beaver said he called the Sheriff's Office but was told the wildlife officer was out of town. Two deputies showed up later to help get the elk untangled.

    Deputies said they were able to crawl up on a roof next to the tree to cut the elk free.

    Beaver said this wasn't the first time he has seen elk in his backyard playing with the hammock.

    “They can be really quiet; we often will be sitting on the porch and look up and see four to six of them having quietly wandered in the yard to eat apples,” Beaver said.

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