Employees save life of man having a heart attack at south Charlotte restaurant

CHARLOTTE — A man returned to a restaurant in south Charlotte’s Waverly shopping center to reunite with and thank the employees who saved his life after he suffered a heart attack earlier this month.

On Nov. 1, Robert Adams, a regular at Carolina Ale House, went into cardiac arrest. Justin Jones, an employee at the restaurant, jumped in along with two other employees. Jones had former CPR training and spoke with the 911 operator while coaching the employees in CPR.

“I don’t know what happened or what kicked in, but it was like, ‘You got to help,’” Jones said. “The simple knowledge, like CPR, checking the pulse, looking for vital signs.”

On Sunday, Adams and his wife, Leonisa, returned to the restaurant to thank Jones for saving his life. Adams’ wife described Jones and the other employees as heroes, and Adams was grateful that they were in the right place at the right time.

“I try not to blubber all over him. I’m so grateful. I don’t know what to say, like that’s what heroes look like,” Leonisa Adams said.

The family does not know who the other employees who helped Jones are, but they extended their thanks to them as well, even calling them “guardian angels.”

Jones was quick to react and perform CPR even though he hasn’t taken a course in 15 years. He said it came right back to him.

“I know I’m not a doctor or anything like or paramedic, but I know the small things,” Jones said.

Remembering the small things helped Jones to save Adams’ life. Both Jones and the Adams family have said this experience is a good example of why it’s important for everyone to learn CPR.

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