Expert tips to make back to school lunch a breeze

CHARLOTTE — Families across the Carolinas are steadily getting back into the school year routine and that includes what to have for lunch.

Nutritionist Alyssa Miller gave Channel 9 some of her top tips for saving yourself time and money when packing your kiddos lunch.

One tip Miller offers is to cook once and eat twice.

“Let’s say on Tuesday night, we’re having tacos,” she said. “I might save a little bit of like the taco filling or taco meat and change it up and change it into a burrito or quesadilla or some sort of layer dish or even throw it in with some pasta and make it like a Mexican pasta salad or something along those lines. So you’re still using the same ingredients.”

Miller also recommends cooking in bulk ahead of time.

“Even just one thing at a time can take so much off your plate, like making a whole bunch of hard boiled eggs or planning out some sandwiches and throwing it in the freezer,” Miller said. “Like I said, things like that, using rotisserie chicken taking some of those kind of cutting corners and using them to help your day go a little bit smoother. I’m all about it.”

Her biggest takeaway was a little bit of planning beforehand can save you a lot of time when you need to get the kids out the door and off to school.

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