Rising costs haven’t stopped some families from celebrating Fourth of July

CHARLOTTE — For many of us, the Fourth of July means a day out on the lake or barbecuing with friends and family.

But no matter your plans, you will likely spend more money this year than last. Channel 9′s Glenn Counts spoke with families on Lake Wylie who said they’re still going to have fun despite higher prices.

For thousands of people, July Fourth isn’t a holiday unless they can spend it on the lake. But the price of that one-day excursion has soared.

Once you add up the price of food, drinks, gas and marine fuel, most people are easily spending more than $100.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this high. I’ve been on boats 10 or 12 years,” Scott Berkebile. “Fuel alone probably another $100, $160, or $170 by the time we fill it up.”

However, Berkebile said rising costs were not going to stop him. He said he drove all the way from Monroe just to spend the day at Lake Wylie.

“It takes a chunk to come out here for sure, but it’s not really stopping anybody,” Berkebile said. “I see it’s not quite as busy as it usually is but there’s still plenty of people out.”

The Noyola family, who grilled out at McDowell Park Sunday afternoon, said they felt the pain in their wallet.

“When it comes to food and gas prices, it takes a toll on your paycheck. It’s a lot,” Kimberly Noyola said.

Some folks told Channel 9 that they were grilling out as a substitute for travel. William Cherry said he and his family would typically travel to New York, but not this year.

“We decided not to travel this year,” Cherry said. “Yes, because of gas prices and everything, we really decided not to travel.”

Many shoppers said they paid at least 30% more at the grocery store this year. But families said this holiday only comes around once a year, so they are going to make the most of it.

(WATCH BELOW: Fourth of July fireworks and festivities in the Charlotte area)

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