Family of man who was shot by police in west Charlotte speaks

CHARLOTTE — Channel 9 has learned more about a man who was shot by police after they say he pulled out a gun. The shooting happened Thursday morning near a convenience store along Beatties Ford Road.

Reporter Glenn Counts talked to the man’s aunt who said he has been dealing with mental health struggles for years and also suffers from a learning disability.

Timothy Moore is still recovering in the hospital after being shot in the shoulder.

“He’s ok, he say he didn’t do nothing wrong,” Wanda Moore said. “His mind is like a 10 year old, IQ, his IQ is very low.”

Moore told Counts that when her nephew was a child, he would often make crank phone calls.

“Call the police and the fire department and tell them that there were shootouts in the neighborhood and people was dying, he used to make all these false alarm calls.”

Police said that Moore was allegedly involved in drug activity. When officers tried to stop it, he allegedly took off running and pulled a large handgun from his waist and an officer shot him.

Family members told Channel 9 they’ve tried to get help for Moore and said the process has been difficult.

“He be feeling don’t nobody love him, he say that a lot we don’t love him, ain’t nobody got his back and were not his family and we don’t care what happens to him,” Moore said.

Moore has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon. He is expected to be in the hospital a few more days.

(WATCH BELOW: Community responds to shooting on Beatties Ford Road)