'You're in a panic': Charlotte family shaken after road rage incident

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte family says they were attacked over the weekend while driving to a grocery store with a toddler in the backseat.

The family is still shaken after the terrifying road rage incident in south Charlotte. For fear of their safety, they did not want to show their faces or report their names, but spoke only with Channel 9.

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“In the blink of a second, things can turn so scary, especially when you have a child in your backseat, you don’t know what to do,” the woman said. “You’re in a panic.”

The family was on Arrowood Road Saturday afternoon when they said a car, occupied by two people, in front of them was driving recklessly and throwing trash out of the window.

“Every time I would try to pass them, they would block,” the male victim said.

At the stoplight on East Arrowood and Old Pineville roads, the passenger in the other car got out and walked to the passenger side of the family’s Chevrolet Camaro.

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“I got out to try to stop him because that’s a female and then when he attacks me, the other guy comes out with a crowbar,” the male victim said. “He swings it a couple times, I back up a couple of times and then she opens the door to try to tell him to stop, that we have a baby in the car, and he just breaks my window and runs.”

Thankfully, no one in the car was hurt. There is still shattered glass at the intersection.

The couple told Eyewitness News anchor Liz Foster they had never seen the two guys in the other car before and don’t know why the situation escalated.

They said, thankfully, there was a deputy across the intersection who immediately turned sirens on and came over when this happened. The suspect’s car quickly sped off and hit another car.

“I’m just glad that it was just our car window that was broken and not any of us were getting hurt,” the woman said.

The couple told Channel 9 the suspect’s car had paper tags from a dealership. They gave police the best description they could of the car and the suspects. As of Tuesday night, the suspects had not been arrested.

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