• Fire near Morganton may have been set intentionally by resident

    By: Dave Faherty


    DREXEL, NC - Investigators are looking into the possibility that a Thursday morning fire on Watts Street east of Morganton may have been set intentionally by someone living in the home.

    Firefighters from three different departments arrived to find flames pouring from a bedroom window.



    The Drexel police chief said he had to yell at the arguing couple inside the home to come out. Now, the man and woman are blaming each other for starting the blaze.

    Josh Silvers' girlfriend was taken to the hospital with injuries, but he said she set the home on fire during an argument.

    "Apparently, I've, um, had a better sex life than Gene Simmons and Magic Johnson combined," he said.

    Investigators are trying to figure out who started the fire.

    "If we had the answer to that question, 'Why did it all happen?' We would be millionaires," Silvers said. "I tell you what, if your girlfriend ever gets a hold of (Google Maps) and starts trying to track you, you might be in for a bad day."

    Deputies and the fire marshal are investigating.

    "Something like this ties up three, maybe four departments and that takes away the response for medical for three different districts," said Farrell Duplain, with the Triple Community Fire Department. 

    Investigators believe the fire started on the floor of the bedroom. Deputies say they also found small bags of meth on Silvers during a search. Tonight, he had a message for the firefighters who came to the home as he was taken to jail.  

    "I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience to them and also want to thank them for the job that they do," Silvers said.

    The couple rents the home.

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