• Former speedway owner talks about Tony Stewart situation


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Ontario County Sheriff's Office asked for outside help in the investigation into this deadly incident involving NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

    “We are actively seeking persons with racing to help look over tapes persons who are familiar with racing that can help us review and analyze these tapes,” said Sheriff Phil Povero.

    RAW: Ontario Co. sheriff says no criminal activity found in fatal crash

    Povero said there are no indications of criminal activity right now and nobody has been charged.

    Stewart hit and killed Kevin Ward during a race on Saturday on a dirt track in Upstate New York.

    An autopsy on Ward performed Monday shows he died from massive blunt trauma.

    At Stewart’s racing headquarters in Kannapolis, nobody is talking about the accident, but nearly everyone else in racing is, including fans.

    “In the heat of battle sometimes things happen like that,” said fan John Allen.

    Even Stewart’s friends are talking about it.

    “Don’t run after the car. That’s what makes no sense. He ran after the car,” said NASCAR driver Michael Wallace.

    RAW: Michael Wallace talks about Tony Stewart incident

    Wallace is talking about what Ward did after Stewart’s car spun him out on the dirt track.

    Ward got out of his car, dodging other drivers as he charged toward Stewart.

    Racing veteran Humpy Wheeler called it a very bad decision.

    “I think the issue here is a young man simply got out of his car, charged down the track from the outside and a tragic accident happened,” Wheeler said.

    RAW: Humpy Wheeler talks about Tony Stewart incident

    The incident is still under investigation and Stewart’s friends are rallying behind him.

    “Is there any way you think Tony Stewart would have done this intentionally?” Channel 9’s Jim Bradley asked Wallace.

    “First of all, unequivocally, without doubt, no -- not even a remote chance of it,” Wallace said.

    Charges or not, Wheeler said there will be an impact on Stewart.

    “It’s going to be tougher for him to get over. This is something he’ll never forget for the rest of his life,” Wheeler said.

    Wheeler and Wallace said they believe if Stewart wasn’t involved, this racing death wouldn’t be getting nearly as much attention.

    But the two men also believe sanctioning bodies will begin talking soon about new rules to prevent driver from running on the track like Ward did.

    MORE: As probe begins, Stewart steps away from the track

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