Re-drawn NC-SC boundary line goes into effect Jan. 1

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory signed an executive order in early December that finalizes the boundary line between North Carolina and South Carolina from Polk County to Brunswick County.

“This executive order is a culmination of more than 20 years of work from leaders in North and South Carolina,” said McCrory. “I am proud of our efforts to settle this issue and our strong partnership with Gov. Nikki Haley and our neighbors in South Carolina."


Efforts to clarify the border began in 1995, and in May 2013, the Joint North Carolina/South Carolina Boundary Commission completed its work to settle the boundary line.

In June 2016, McCrory signed a law re-drawing the state line. It will move 50 to 100 feet in some areas. The change will affect Highway 274 between York County and Gaston County.

The change will go into effect Jan. 1.

Dozens of South Carolina residents and a local business will soon find themselves in a new state.

A small gas station is the last stop on South Carolina Highway 274 to fill up before reaching North Carolina.

“This is like a family store,” resident Jesse Snead said. “You come here, you know people. It's always been that type of store.”

Changes at the state line will move this gas station from South Carolina to North Carolina territory.

That means people can expect a slight bump in prices at the pump, and at the counter on items such as beer and cigarettes.

For some, that means dramatic changes.

“The taxes is lower,” resident Glen Martin said. “Gas is lower. It really is a lower cost of living here.”

It's more than money for Martin. He's lived in this South Carolina home for four years and is turning 90 years old soon.

He relies on oxygen to help treat his pulmonary fibrosis.

He needs house visits for medical treatment and he said he is losing them with the move. His provider isn't licensed in North Carolina.

He's hoping to be grandfathered into South Carolina, but that appears unlikely. His wife is helping with the transition.

They said it would be much easier for their living situation to be allowed to stay in South Carolina.

The changes are all happening because of new technology that's available that allows states to see a clearer picture of where the border line should be.

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