• Health inspector gives East Meck High School poor rating due to trash problems


    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. - Bags of trash were split open, spilling out of dumpsters at East Mecklenburg High School.

    A recent health inspection showed that was only the beginning of a problem that continued inside the school.

    A health inspector gave East Mecklenburg High School an 81.5 grade during an inspection Wednesday.

    The report noted several issues with trash.

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    Trash was also discovered in custodial closets and on hallway floors.

    A school staff member told the inspector the trash had not been emptied since last week.

    The health inspector told the school it needed to provide garbage service as soon as possible.

    Inspectors told the school that solid waste containers should be kept clean, in good repair and emptied when full at least once a week.

    Five students told Channel 9 they haven't noticed the trash issue, while another student said she has seen the trash in the hallways.

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials admitted there was a problem with the trash pick-up contract and that's why things got bad.

    They said everything should be back to normal now after sending trucks to pick up the trash from all dumpsters Thursday.

    The Mecklenburg County Health Department said the school will be scheduled for another inspection after July or if CMS requests a re-inspection.

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