• Immunotherapy helps woman beat back cancer

    By: Allison Latos


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A 64-year-old local woman was fighting to survive cervical cancer. Hospice care was on the horizon and her years-long battle with cervical cancer seemed to be nearing a losing end.

    “I physically couldn’t do anything,” Sandra Wilson said. “I couldn’t even walk my dog. It was horrible.”

    Then – one last gasp effort.

    >> Watch above as Sandra Wilson takes us through her battle against cancer and the life-saving treatment available now in Charlotte in a trial format. 

    Days before she was set to move into hospice care, a doctor enrolled her in an immunotherapy clinical trial at Levine Cancer Institute. 

    This June, Sandra will mark two years since starting the treatment. And if all goes well, that month will mark her last need for the immunotherapy sessions.

    Not only is hospice care no longer on the horizon, but her scans show her to be completely cancer-free.

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