‘It literally is like getting eaten alive': Man describes being attacked by 2 pit bulls

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Union County man spoke with Channel 9 after he was attacked by his roommate’s pit bulls and a spent week recovering in a hospital.

Dontre Davis’ arms and legs are covered in scars. His face was slashed and swollen from the attack last month inside an Indian Trail home.

“I was prying their mouths off my face,” Davis said. “I didn’t even know my ears were gone until I woke up later that day in the hospital.”

Davis and his roommate raised the dogs, named Snow and Smoke, since they were puppies.

There are videos of the dogs sleeping with Davis and even playfully dancing with him.

One of the dogs’ puppies had its tooth stuck in the cage, which set off the pet.

“It yelped in pain,” Davis said.

Davis believes the mother thought he hurt one of the puppies, so she attacked. The father of the puppies also started biting Davis.

“All I could feel was pain,” Davis said. “It literally is like getting eaten alive.”

He thought he was going to die. After a while, he could not fight the dogs off anymore.

“I lost so much blood, and they were attacking my face,” Davis said. “I just started yelling, ‘I’m going to die. Someone help me.’”

His roommate’s father tried to step in, but the dogs bit him too. He called 911 for help.

Union County deputies had to shoot the dogs to save Davis’ life.

Davis spent nearly a week recovering at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. He’ll need plastic surgery to repair his ears.

Several medicines help him fight off infection and the pain, but Davis said nothing helps him shake the terrifying memory of the attack.

Davis didn't lose any of his sight or hearing in the attack, but he's worried he won't be able to afford plastic surgery on his ears.

Despite what he went through, Davis doesn’t think they were dangerous dogs. He believes the mother was protecting her puppies.

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