Mold still reported in some JCSU dorms as students head back to class

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Channel 9 learned that although Johnson C. Smith University reopened its dorms to students after a delay because of reported mold, some students are still living in hotels.

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The first day of the spring semester was pushed back to Jan 22. to give crews time to fully address the mold, but the infestation is still not completely cleared from New Resident Hall.

Student Xana Dove said she may not be able to move back into her dorm until early February, which she said isn't too bad.

She has been staying at the Marriott in south Charlotte.

"In the beginning, I was [frustrated] because it was like a lot of back of forth from the school back to the hotel,” she said. “Now, I’m just glad they’re putting us here instead of in the mold. I'd rather be here, far, than be in the mold and sick.”

Officials told Channel 9's Gina Esposito the students will remain in hotels until the mold issue is cleared.

Dove shared with Channel 9 pictures of mold that was dripping with moisture from her Johnson C. Smith University dorm room earlier this month.

She said she noticed the mold on her ceiling last August.

Johnson C. Smith officials found out the issue was pretty widespread, so the school delayed spring classes for two weeks and put many students up in hotels.

University President Clarence D. Armbrister said the delay came after experts said the school needed more time to address the mold infestation.

The university sent students a message Thursday saying mold experts inspected every dorm room and each room had to pass an inspection before students moved back in.

The letter also stated that the “majority of remediating in its residence halls has been completed."

Students who lived in New Resident Hall still aren't allowed to return.

"One room had 12 garbage bags full of stuff that probably had mold in it,” Dove said. “They are probably remodeling, getting rid of everything that has mold, and that's why it’s taking so long.”

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In an update, the university said it is excited to have students return in preparation for the first day of classes Tuesday.

The last day of spring classes has been moved to May 6 due to the delay.

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