Woman hosts cookout to help residents impacted by flooding along Catawba River

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Record flooding ravaged homes last week in northwest Charlotte. Many of the families still can't go home after their homes were destroyed.

A woman in the community hosted a cookout Saturday morning to help residents in the area as they started to rebuild.

She said she decided to do the event after watching Channel 9's coverage of the flooding and after speaking to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer. They both wanted to make sure the residents who were impacted the most were taken care of.

A caring heart goes a long way for the community on Riverside Drive.

Joy Shivar, who is volunteering, said she had to help.

"It’s happened to me. I was raised on the river, and it’s really sad when everything that you’re used to is floating in water in the house,” Shivar said.

One resident Channel 9 spoke with gave us access to her home. She said a lot of repairs will have to be done after the flooding such as replace HVAC and insulation, wiring, flooring, appliances and cabinets.

She said she does consider herself lucky because others in the community lost everything.

"Just pray for us because that’s what’s going to get everybody through it,” said resident Anna Davis.

Dozens of homes off Riverhaven and Riverside drives were destroyed by flooding from the Catawba River.

Homeowners said the floodwaters were significantly higher than they were in 2004, which is the last time the area saw major flooding.

"I’ve been through floods, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s total devastation,” Davis said.

People who live in the area told Channel 9's Stephanie Tinoco they're concerned about their safety.

"Stuff is just stuff. But, we're worried about our safety," Davis said. "We're worried about our safety at this point. They're lucky nobody got killed."

A church nearby is also receiving donations to help community members get back on their feet.

Residents said it may take months to repair all the damage that has been done.