Longtime Charlotte residents face uncertain future after property values skyrocket

CHARLOTTE — Residents of a historic west Charlotte neighborhood are facing an uncertain future after their homes were revaluated this year.

Walking down the street in the Beatties Ford/Trinity Park neighborhood, it’s easy to see the appeal.

“This is a family-oriented neighborhood, very family-oriented,” said Sharon Bridges.

But that appeal is starting to become a burden for many who have lived there since the 1960s. Bridges is part of the neighborhood association, and she said developers are eyeing the area for its potential.

“We are very concerned that they’re going to start with us because our property -- we have such good sized lots,” she said.

Mecklenburg County’s tax assessor, Ken Joyner, said for neighborhoods with older homes and big lots like Bridges’, that’s exactly what’s driving values through the roof.

“Your home may not have any value. It may just be the land,” Joyner explained.

Bridges said her home was valued at $129,000 in 2019 but it jumped to $264,200 this year.

“We’re going to need support from the city,” she said. “We are not interested in selling our homes. We are bombarded with mail. We are bombarded with phone calls repeatedly, and there’s no way to get it stopped.”

>> The concerns residents have over their incoming property tax bills, and how their historically Black neighborhood might change, in the video at the top of the page.

(WATCH BELOW: Residents worry about paying higher property taxes after latest revaluations)

Madison Carter

Madison Carter, wsoctv.com

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