Lovin’ Life Music Fest announces 2025 dates

CHARLOTTE — Lovin’ Life Music Fest organizers have announced their dates for next year.

The three-day music festival was hosted this weekend for the first time in Uptown’s First Ward.

Charlotte-based Southern Entertainment has already announced plans for next year. They’re asking fans to save the dates of May 2 to May 4, 2025.

“We want to THANK YOU ALL for such a magical weekend in our hometown!” organizers said.

More information is expected to follow.

‘Can’t believe it’s over’

Channel 9′s Almiya White caught up with fans who have some tweaks they’d like to see.

“We’re still on a high. We can’t believe it’s over. It’s kind of a whirlwind,” Lindsay Etherton said.

Fans are still on cloud nine after attending what they call “one of the better music festivals.”

“So well organized. Crowd control was fantastic. Security was fantastic,” Etherton said. “The biggest thing for us was you could come and go at the festival, which normally isn’t the case.”

More than 80,000 festivalgoers packed First Ward Park over the weekend. Harlene Ellin traveled all the way from Chicago.

“I love the Avett Brothers. I’m huge, a big Brothers fan,” Ellin said. “And obviously they’re from North Carolina, so the hometown crowd. They really perform hard for them and the crowd was super appreciative.”

White asked fans what changes they would like to see at the next festival.

“Would say a few more hydration stations, but they were even super manageable at what I had,” Etherton said.

“There was a little bit of sound bleed between the two stages, and we weren’t the only people who were complaining about that. So they need to have more of a buffer,” Ellin said.

Despite even the small hiccups, the two said they still didn’t take away from their experiences.

(WATCH BELOW: Fans file in Friday for Lovin’ Life Music Fest)