Many may be left out of Samsung ice maker lawsuit they’re counting on

CHARLOTTE — Thousands have complained about Samsung ice makers saying they make slushy ice, they’re leaking, and they‘re over-freezing.

Many have been waiting to see how the class action lawsuit plays out to see if they’ll get any money back.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has stayed on top of the case for more than six years. He found out Friday many people may be left out.

The lawyers sent the judge a letter, saying they’re in the “final stage” of the settlement and will offer customers “individual” settlements. In other words, if you’re already part of the case, you know it. Everyone else may be on their own.

More than 80 people have contacted Action 9 about this issue since 2017, including, most recently, Pamela Hasian in Fort Mill. She said she bought her Samsung fridge in 2018 and that a few years in, her ice maker started over-freezing.


“It’s beyond frustrating,” she said. “I don’t have to have the best of everything. I’m very simple.”

But she wants what she has to work. She said her fridge was still under warranty and that Samsung sent a tech to fix it.

“I’m thinking everything is hunky dunky,” she told Stoogenke.

Then she said the ice maker started acting up again. She said Samsung offered her half off another Samsung, but she doesn’t want that brand anymore and called it an “insult.”

She was counting on the class action lawsuit. But now, it’s not clear if it will help her.

There are still more steps to go. But if things stay the same and you’re left out, you may not have many choices left except sue on your own.

The parties asked to report back to the judge in July.

Stoogenke asked Samsung about the proposed settlement. He didn’t heard back in time for this report. In the past, the company has said “satisfaction is a top priority.”

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